Streetlight the musical

STREETLIGHT the musical


The Streetlight Story

Streetlight is a musical in two acts which brings a true story back to life and under a brighter light. It is a story about life, a story about finding something to make it worth living or dying for.  It’s the story of Charles, someone looking for something greater than what his city has to offer. And together with a group of friends in the Streetlight Band, he finds himself discovering what true values, choices and friendships of today are all about. And when the tide of life starts changing and you don’t like the water you’re in, is there a way out of the sink or swim?  A friend, a gig, a shot, a life, a choice. In the middle all of the madness his city has to offer - Charles, with the boys in the band, gradually discovers that this new scenario is simply a sketch-board for a plan the heavens have on his life. This plan would have a much greater impact on his life and friends than he could have ever imagined.  
        Take a walk down in “the hole” and hope you never run into the Streetlight gang. And you thought the back-street boys looked mean. Trey, Kevin, Zack and Goose run the show down here and you don’t want to cross their tracks unless Trey says you can. Trey, the leader of the pack, is a troubled teen that grew up too quickly. The only one he really cares for is his younger sister Lisa who has just proposed to Jordan, Charles’ best friend. Jordan is so in love with her you can’t even ask him the time of day. For Charles, growing up “in the hole” on the South side of Chicago was something he didn’t ever asked for, and when his best friend’s girl falls victim to crossfire his picture of life starts changing colors so fast it looks like there’s no way out of the trap they’re in. It’s time to take sides and show Jordan, his best friend, where he stands. How can he do this without siding with Trey and the local gang and choosing violence as a solution?
    It all started out in Henry’s garage together with Alan, Garcia, Mike and Henry where more than just another gig was in view. Streetlight sheds its light upon more than just the story of one special person but of many people who believe in the same ideal. And only together united, can they find a way out of this suffocating trap devised by no one other than the society in which they live.


Charles and Jordan 

Charles and Jordan are  two friends who live in a ghetto called the “Hole” – a dangerous district in Chicago.  Jordan is part of a gang who controls this very district and is very much in love with Lisa, Trey’s sister, the gang leader.

Trey and his followers

They are at a perennial war with another gang called the  “Devil G”.  During a surprise raid followed by a gun battle between them, Lisa gets mortally hit.  Her death will stir up  vengeance from Trey and his followers, heaving consequences on the lives of Charles and Jordan.  Charles’ choice for non-violence would make his destiny.

The Streetlight Band 

Charles plays gigs with the Streetlight band – 5 guys who commit themselves in sharing their ideals of universal brotherhood right in the heart of their immediate surroundings.  They meet during the evenings in Henry’s garage to practice for a big concert that they will be performing at Malcolm X Boulevard, right in the heart of the city. Aside from Charles and Alan, Henry, Garcia and Mike complete the group.


Through the example of Charles and his friends, Jordan slowly discovers new and unexpected horizons.




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