Indelible live concert

INDELIBLE: when you live it, you know what it is.
A song within us brands one, two, 1000 moments… a life.
A music in our hearts:  unbreakable, ever present, deep, hard-to-tell emotions:  people that become a voice, rhythm, movement, sound…but also notes and colors that turn into faces etched in our memories.

Gen Rosso: different peoples in a single message, musical styles in a mix of LED and sounds.  And in the background a sequence of “YOU TUBE-live” captured during tours in far-away cities.  A homage to peoples of different latitudes that made us breathe a desire to live, to hope…to continue to believe that there’s a burning fire in every heart.
INDELIBLE DIMENSION: something more than traveling today’s trip and goes beyond – when you live it, you know what it is.

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