Spain, Sotto Real, 30 Km north of Madrid. Two special concerts. As soon as we arrive at the venue of the show, a group of 17 young men await to unload our two trucks containing sound and light equipment. They are of great help indeed as there are a few hundred meters to cover from the unloading bay to the stage..

Each one of them is wearing a blue overcoat with his name and photo. We too are wearing our green visitors pass.
The hall is small but well equipped, access to the stage is without much difficulty and within a short time we are able to mount everything thanks to the help received from our new friends.

We get to know that they are from different places, apart from Madrid and Andalusia in Spain, an Argentinean, Columbian…. None of them has a minimum idea of who we are.

It wasn’t easy either to obtain  authorisation to perform Streetlight in the prison but after having caught the attention of one well wisher and after various  phone calls we manage to obtain the necessary permission. The show kicks off at 5.00 pm of the following day and so there’s need to have everything running and functional. By 9.00 pm everything is almost ready, thanks to the help and collaboration received.

he following day we are back for the final touches. The power supply is stepped up with the help of an electric generator, the lights are adjusted to  precision and the mic’s  and sound check is ready. After a short while our friends start streaming in the hall , they are amazed to see everything functional and in order, some one comments, ”I’ve only seen a mixer like yours on TV” We take interest to talk about the story behind each one of them and their families, the possibility of work opportunities….

It’s time for the show, the 230 seater auditorium is full to capacity. Our new friends are occupying the first rows. They live each moment of the show with great intensity it feels like they are on stage with us. Tears are seen flowing from the eyes of some.
As soon as the show is over many take chance to congratulate us. Before we go away there’s an idea; to do a second show the following morning, a proposal which is welcomed favourably.

We are back again, it’s morning and ‘Raul’ confides to me, ”Look, yesterday was so good and I wanted to offer you a gift. Since I don’t have anything to offer I thought of writing this poem about you”. What a  precious gift!
Two of his colleagues bring us some tasty bread sandwiches, fruits and soft drinks.

The second show is as intense as the first; at the extreme end there’s a group of Brazilian girls who towards the end of the show sing and dance to the rhythm of “Si quieres tù puedes”(Spanish version of “I’ll be there”). On their way out one girl tells me ”Thank you for this hour of happiness” and another through the window: ”I’m here for the last three years and have never imagined that there exists something of this magnitude. I hope to see you somewhere in future.

It’s time to bring down the structure, dismount, load and leave. Saying goodbye, we are sure that  possibilities of meeting in future may be rare, and maybe with some we may never meet.

owever, deep within our hearts, nobody will take away the surety that the two shows in the prison of Soto del Real are amongst the best so far in our forty year history .



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